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Engage Your Team Through Well-Being

Start the conversation around important wellness topics within your organization with content that includes actionable tips and opportunities to engage.

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Post-Style Scripts

If your company uses Slack, MS Teams Channels, Viva Engage or similar, the provided scripts are optimized to be attention-grabbing and formatted for a quick and easy read. 

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Friendly & Helpful Tone

Do you communicate with your team in a welcoming yet informative matter? These resources are for you. There are so signs of stuffy corporate language here, just thoughtfully placed emojis!

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Interactive & Informative

When promoting well-being within an organization, it's important to start a discussion instead of just make an announcement. These resources encourage employees to react or comment to generate engagement. 

Why promote wellness themes in workplaces?

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Wellness themes are acknowledged around the world on different days, weeks and months such as World Mental Health Day and Men's Health Awareness Month. These are excellent opportunities to bring differing wellness topics into conversations at work and here's why:

  • Helps to build a culture of well-being with different focuses throughout the year

  • Gives an opportunity for employees to join in on discussions on health and well-being matters that are important to them

  • Motivates employees to participate in wellness challenges and events

  • Boosts overall employee engagement through well-being

Short on time or ideas?
We've got you covered. 

Intending to promote wellness within your company is one thing, sitting down and preparing the content is another. If you're short on time or creativity, we're here to help.

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  • Pre-written scripts optimized for Slack, Viva Engage or other post-style internal communication platforms.  Copy, paste and edit as you see fit!
  • Content that is speaking directly to employees, inviting them to learn more and take action around wellness topics. 
  • A Canva template to add a visual component to your wellness content. 
  • NEW resources every month delivered to your inbox - for FREE!

We want to help you inspire and prioritize employee well-being at your company. Let us join you on your journey of elevating your organization's culture of wellness.

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